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Thrustmaster launches $80 flight stick for Xbox One and PC

Above: The first HOTAS controller for Xbox One.

You can’t have idle hands if you keep them on your throttle and stick, and Thrustmaster wants to keep the devil away from your mitts if you play games on PC or Xbox One. The peripheral maker is launching the T.Flight Hotas One on October 7 for $80, and it is the first HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick) controller that works with Microsoft’s home console. You can of course also use it with Windows 7, 8, or 10. That’s right, Vista — get the hell outta here!

Not a ton of Xbox One games are compatible with the T.Flight, but Thrustmaster is promising full compatibility out of the box with the space sim Elite Dangerous. Developer Frontier worked with Thurstmaster to ensure the joystick will immediately function with Elite Dangerous as part of a patch that rolled out on Xbox One today. Thrustmaster also partnered with Microsoft to design the T.Flight HOTAS One specifically for use with the console.

While the T.Flight is launching with Elite Dangerous in mind, it should work fine with any game that you want to try — especially since Xbox One has system-level button mapping. And since it is also compatible with PC, you can plug it into your Windows machine for even more HOTAS experiences.

Thrustmaster also claims that the T.Flight provides both realism and ergonomic play. It has wide hand rests so that you don’t feel like you’re gripping a toy and the plastic doesn’t dig into your palms. The joystick should always feel like the real thing, and it can also hold up to long play sessions out in the depths of space in terms of comfort. You can also detach the throttle, which is a signature feature of Thurstmaster’s HOTAS devices. This enables you to position each of the pieces of the T.Flight where they would go inside the cockpit you are trying to simulate.

Finally, the T.Flight HOTAS One is modular. You can pair it with other devices in Thrustmaster’s lineup, like the T.Flight Rudder Pedals.


BMW talks wireless charging for its EVs

BMW talks wireless charging for its EVs

We can all agree that one of the most annoying things about keeping modern gadgets topped off is having to mess with wires. This is one reason why smartphone makers like Apple are integrating wireless charging into their devices. The recently released iPhone 8 smartphone has wireless charging capability for instance. Perhaps even more annoying than plugging in gadgets is the need to plug in cars for EV drivers.

BMW wants to end that need to handle cords and charging manually. The company has a new video that explains wireless charging for its cars. This is hugely important for the autonomous EV future where there may not be a person around to plug the car in. BMW has announced that the new 5 Series plug-in hybrid will have an optional wireless charging system starting in 2018.

The BMW system is similar to wireless charging system used for phones and other devices on the market now. BMW will use a base pad with an integrated primary coil meant to be installed in a garage or outdoors. A secondary coil will be built into the bottom of the vehicle. The electricity will flow between the two wirelessly and can charge at 3.2 kW.

That is certainly much slower than the fastest plug-in chargers, but for a hybrid that doesn’t have a massive battery pack the charge time should prove usable. Word is that the battery in the 5 Series plug-in hybrid can recharge in about 3.5 hours at that rate. That car will have a 9.2 kWh battery pack and an electric driving range of 29 miles on battery alone.

The combustion engine in the car is a 2.0L turbo gas engine to keep you going after the electricity runs out. Presumably this wireless charging tech will make it into future BMW EVs and hybrids. With some tweaks for faster charging this could be a game changer for EV buyers.


Zuckerberg in his classic uniform. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

Let’s just say it: Mark Zuckerberg dresses horribly, and he should be ashamed every time he appears in public.

Here is a man in charge of the world’s most important social network — one that probably ended American democracy as we knew it! — and thanks to a general acceptance of his limp-ass techno-bro privilege, he gets away with wearing the same ugly T-shirt and jeans whenever he steps outside. It’s a uniform that says “I’m better than you,” an astonishing hubris in 2017 after his company has done so much to divide people. He should be prostrating himself, or at the very least conducting himself with a bit of humility — sartorially and in general.

But he’s not. On Monday, Zuckerberg met with civil servants, including Governor John Carney, in Delaware. He looked like an asshole:

The T-shirt, we’d argue, communicates a lack of respect for the officials in the room. And of course, Zuck doesn’t respect them. His position is invariably that Facebook is a solution to any of the world’s greatest problems despite so much evidence otherwise.

Obvious example: The “Safety Check” feature he touts in this post as a way “to help keep our community safe” is perhaps more immediately recognizable as a malfunctioning panic-stoker. Another: The News Feed he champions for its “free flow of information” was harnessed by bad actors to influence the American election, which he refused to acknowledge until far too late.

Zuckerberg’s T-shirt and jeans are meant to say, “I have no one to impress.” A critical thinker knows they mean otherwise: This is a kid from Silicon Valley’s Neverland who doesn’t understand the grown people in collared shirts, or their constituents.

And his wardrobe is, as others have pointed out, worse than just immature or stupid: It’s emblematic of a system that lets men get away with whatever while women are held to a different standard. Consider this 2016 piece in which HuffPost‘s Emily Peck explains how Zuck’s awful clothes contrast with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s high-end wardrobe and styling:

Perhaps no two people better exemplify the double standard than the most well-known executives working at Facebook: cofounder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, known for wearing the same grey T-shirt and jeans every day, and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, who is typically seen perched atop towering high heels.

… their case highlights the fact that even in the tech world, where the concept of dressing down was invented, and even at Facebook, a progressive company run by a guy in jeans, women and men don’t quite play by the same rules.

So, we won’t belabor the point, but we will remind you that women continue to be dreadfully underrepresented in tech and underpaid overall.

Meanwhile, the ideals of a T-shirt clad bro, who doesn’t even seem to understand what his product is doing to the world, are given disproportionate weight. If he should ever run for office — a possibility, though we doubt it — remember, at least, all the times he was the arrogant kid in the room getting things wrong during this weird tour of the United States.

Eko Atlantic To Partner With Fine And Country

Eko Atlantic To Partner With Fine And Country To Showcase Eko Atlantic City In The UK

Eko Atlantic To Partner With Fine & Country To Showcase Eko Atlantic City In The UK | Eko Pearl Towers

The developers of Eko Atlantic City have partnered with Fine and Country West Africa for the Refined Investors Series 2017. This event will take place in London on October 6th and 7th of this year.

The 2017 edition of the Refined Investors Series is themed “Taking Nigeria to the World”, and thus Eko Atlantic City has been appropriately included in the lineup of showcases, which will hopefully bring in more investors and customers, from international investors to Nigerian expats.

Investing In Eko Atlantic Is A Great Idea According To Experts

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