Make The Right Decision, Invest in Fidelity Estate Enugu.


Enugu state is fast becoming the preferred destination for property investment. The value of property in the state is rising at an alarming rate.  A plot of land in independence layout  as at the year  2000 was sold between N700,000 to N1,000,000 today in 2013, the same plot of land is sold for a between  N10,000,000 and N20,000,000.

GRA as at year 2000, a plot was sold between 350,000 and N700, 000,000. Today the same plot ranges from N9, 000,000 to N22, 000,000.
The value of property keeps increasing, and these are some of the reasons influencing the price increase.
Security: Enugu state is one of the states in Nigeria with the lowest crime rate, making it one of the safest states in Nigeria. The residents are law abiding and hospitable.
Cleanliness:  Environmental sanitation is a major priority of the state government and residents of the state. Both government and individuals work together to ensure that the environment is hygienic and conducive for the residents.
Population and Traffic: Enugu state is one of the states with the lowest level of motor traffic in Nigeria.the occupants of the state are made up of mainly civil servants, business owners and politicians, with civil servants dominating.
The proper town planning and road map makes it easy to navigate through the city, providing multiple shortcuts to every destination.

FUTURE PROSPECTS: the major reason why people have decided to invest massively in property in Enugu state, is because of the future projection and prospects of the state. Enugu state is not so much of a commercial state like the other neighboring eastern states (Anambra, Abia etc).
Most people prefer to reside in Enugu state with their families while shuttling to the commercial states for their business.
As the airport in Enugu is being upgraded to an international airport, one can see that commercial activities in the state will soon increase, as many travelers and organizations will head down east.
With the new seaport in Onitsha Anambra state, the commercial activities in the east will receive a major boost.  Most businesses that operate in other states because of the port proximity will begin to head down east to use the alternative seaport.
Crude Oil has recently been discovered in Enugu and Anambra state, Orient petroleum has set up a refinery in Anambra state, and will extend its operation to Enugu shortly.
With all the above reasons, one can see that eastern Nigeria will become the next “hot spot “in Nigeria. Those who have seen the future, have began to invest massively in property in Enugu state.

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